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Music of the Spheres

People ponder the great mystery of the universe in an attempt to comprehend and perhaps personally experience the divine plan. As we continue to delve deeper into astrological studies we come to realize that there is more to be seen than meets the eye; more to be heard than meets the ear. 

Astrological Music, the marriage between astrology and music, is based on the realization that planets travelling on their journey can be heard as celestial music!  There are many sources throughout history that  point toward this as a reality. 

Theories concerning the musical nature of the universe are to be found in many ancient cultures including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Hindus. The mathematics of music is important to these theories as it illustrates what controls and influences planetary movements. 

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras conceived of the universe as consisting of celestial bodies whose motions created the harmony of the spheres. It is said that after years of disciplined study and meditation, members of his mystical school were able to experience these harmonies. 

Plato utilizes  the Pythagorean principles of musical order when he describes the lost city of Atlantis. When Plato depicts this ideal city, the verses are flooded with mathematically exact language reflecting a profound musical analogy. 

Much later Kepler hoped to reveal that the planets orbited the sun at precisely ordered distances and that his new measurements would show that the planets emitted specific tones  producing the Music of the Spheres. 

As modern physicists continue the attempt to comprehend the universe, they call upon technology vastly superior to that used by the ancients. Scientists have recently been speaking of a universe filled with wave-like patterns. In some way today's scientists resemble ancient philosophers. They reflect upon a universe that begins with the first beat from the Master's baton which creates a symphony that vibrates continuously throughout time. 

The sound waves we call music provide us with so much beauty and satisfaction in our lives. We are not always aware that diverse types of musical waves are surrounding us every moment. It is now possible to experience these celestial sonorities through the artistry of Astrological Music. 



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